Farnham House was originally known as Waldron Estate. The estate was purchased in 1664 where it was renamed to Farnham after Sir Richard Waldron's wife. The house, which is one of the largest in Co. Cavan , was built circa 1810 and was designed by Francis Johnston, a leading Dublin architect.  A large part of the original house was demolished in 1961, when dry rot was discovered. The oldest part of the house and the additions made to the house in 1839 were demolished. Farnham Estate is now privately owned and is a hotel and spa.

The nagOffsite project is to place the work of the nagGallery artists in domestic and commercial environments of interest. Period dwellings offer a visual juxtaposition to the viewer by exhibiting contemporary work in a traditional historic setting. The outreach is to another audience offering a different experience. The curatorial challenge is to place the works without intruding upon the spaces in a permanent way and to leave the areas untouched and as they were found on departure

This project is jointly funded by Farnham Estate and Cavan County Council

Photography Mark St.John Ellis nagDesign