Paintings by Gareth Jenkins. Kohei Nakata. Helena Gorey. Jane Proctor.
State Collection from International Academy of Ceramics
Chawan bowls by Masashi Suzuki
Sculptural forms by Deirdre McLoughlin

Farmleigh Gallery Parts One and Two

Paintings Kohei Nakata. Chawan bowls Masashi Suzuki.
Installation shots by Kate Bowen-O’Brien.
Paintings Kristina Huxley. Helena Gorey
Photographs Roseanne Lynch
Japanese Objects from the John Hutchinson Collection
Drawings Jane Proctor
Border Biennale curated by Rita Duffy and Joe Keenan Artists John Byrne, Rita Duffy, Patrick Hickey, Sean Hillen, Dermot Seymore, and Jennifer Trouton.
Designed by Mark St.John Ellis